What is Rand?

Rand Network is a personal finance booster that helps you pay for all your monthly expenses on autopilot. People hate spending money every month on subscriptions. You share multiple subscription accounts with your friends and family, think Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, to save money or because you share an address. These all add up each month and annually represent a big expense that has to be paid for.

You also try to pay for larger expenses but those monthly expenses reduce what you can spend or save. But what if you could earn income to cover these expenses by opening one account together? This is Rand.

By pooling your money with friends or family, you can make your money work harder. Rand Network connects people to produce returns in a way that is safe and also helps you save money rather than spend it.

Simply open an account, create a Private Vault for yourself or with your friends or family, and that’s it. Rand produces yield on your savings covering all your monthly expenses in one place. But Rand also gives you the chance to win big cash prizes by joining Public Vaults where members are selected at random each week to win. If you don’t win, your initial investment stays put or can be withdrawn whenever suits you. It is that simple.

Because Rand is built on blockchain and earns yield through stable coins, your deposits are secure and we minimize risk against crypto volatility, keeping you investing and earning.

Rand is a community

Rand Network connects people by investing their collective savings in automated, yield-generating on-chain structured products. Our community can generate yields far greater than you could by yourself by investing together.

To be part of our community, you can also invest with the Rand token (RND). By having Rand tokens, you’ll get exclusive access to prize vaults where you can win cash, cars or paid vacations, boost your yield through our community rewards and own a share of the network.

Make your money work harder for you with Rand.

Join us

Sign up to the Rand presale launching soon for up to a 30% discount on Rand tokens and access to the Rand Network.

Check out Rand community on Telegram and Discord, or register for the App on our website. Get the latest updates on Rand Network by following us on Twitter.



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Rand Network

Rand Network

Rand is a network and platform for no-loss prize games bringing DeFi and Blockchain to the mass market through a very user-friendly interface.