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A new and exciting project is here that aims to solve one of the most significant sources of stress in young adults and professionals — having the time and knowledge to get return for their capital.

The Rand Project was created because of Pol Martin’s, CEO & Founder, passion of helping solve and alleviate the poor financial circumstances of peers in his generation, the young adults. As a Gen Z, he has witnessed first-hand how some of his close friends struggle through a really bad financial situation.

RAND is the result of that need and desire to solve a very timely problem; It wants to offer young adults a chance to complement their financial savings and products and contribute to the youth’s financial health.

Why Was Rand Founded?

The current financial crisis is largely a result of the recent global pandemic as communities were put into lockdowns, forcing businesses to halt their operations. This exposed the financial vulnerability of young adults and professionals due to varied reasons such as retrenchment, medical expenses, or relocation. While the outlook for personal finances remains bleak for many, it appears to impact the younger generations to a larger extent than the other age groups.

Low financial literacy and high unemployment rates among youths and young adults are the key contributing factors why the younger generation is having difficulties in achieving financial independence. Being stuck in low-benefit jobs, burdened with loan debt early on, but with smaller savings and assets than prior generations meant young adults have lesser means to afford and/or little interest to access bigger financial markets to grow their wealth.

All of the facts stated are the reasons why Rand was founded. We aim to become the leading financial leisure enabler of the 21st century to help improve the financial outcomes of our users. Our mission is to unite decentralized finance (DeFi) with gaming to create a leisure-gaming ecosystem that can financially benefit our users with near-zero risk.

The Rand Solution

Rand will be a prize-linked savings mobile application where users will be able to create or join collective prize pools to earn common yield with their money. The pools will be called parties; hence the term Party-to-Earn. It features no-loss prize parties or pools, where participants get the opportunity to win prizes by playing and pooling their money.

To do so, we incorporate the blockchain technology and DeFi elements to create a perfect financial tool for young adults where their money works for them on autopilot and achieving financial goals becomes affordable.

How does it work?

The Rand app offers two types of products:

  1. Private prize parties — created between friends and family.
  2. Public prize parties — hosted by Rand and anyone can participate.

Users participate and stake in liquidity pools intuitively and easily through the Rand crypto prize parties. Users can either join a public prize party or become the game master by creating a private prize party inviting friends and family to join and add funds to it. Once all users have deposited their funds to the party from their bank accounts or private wallets, the funds will be converted into a stablecoin cryptocurrency.

These coins will be redirected to the Rand Vault, where they will be redistributed to the current best yield strategy in the market. When the predetermined party period concludes, the coins that were initially pooled will be returned to the prize party along with the interests accrued. The interest will then be distributed to a randomly picked prize pool winner.

To know more about Rand and how everything works in this exciting Play-to-Earn project, check out our comprehensive whitepaper here.

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For inquiries about Rand or the crypto space, join our Rand community on Telegram and Discord, or check out our website for more information.




Rand is a network and platform for no-loss prize games bringing DeFi and Blockchain to the mass market through a very user-friendly interface.

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Rand Network

Rand Network

Rand is a network and platform for no-loss prize games bringing DeFi and Blockchain to the mass market through a very user-friendly interface.

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