Rand to Launch Yield Aggregator Strategies on Acala: Leveraging aUSD Stablecoin Yield for App Users

In the final weeks leading up to launch, Rand has partnered with Acala to leverage aUSD to initiate new yield aggregator strategies for the Rand app and platform.

We’re excited to welcome Acala to the Rand community! Our newest integration with Acala allows for the launch of new yield aggregator strategies for the Rand app and platform. Utilizing Acala’s EVM+, we can generate interest income for their users by leveraging aUSD(Acala Dollar — aUSD) stablecoin yield. We plan to incorporate additional features from Acala into our app, which will make it frictionless for users to access Acala’s DeFi ecosystem.

Meet Rand:

Rand has chosen Acala and its native stablecoin (aUSD) as the next chain to expand the yield aggregator strategies. The strategies will provide liquidity using aUSD to the Acala DEX and integrate with additional money markets deployed on Acala. Throughout this period, more features from Acala’s native DeFi ecosystem will be incorporated into the Rand app, allowing users an easy and frictionless way to benefit.

Deploying contracts on Acala’s EVM+ allows users to top up their accounts via Metamask directly using aUSD, meaning users can now deposit and withdraw from Rand at almost 0 costs in gas fees.

About Rand

The Rand Network is aiming to solve one of the most significant sources of stress in young adults’ and professionals’ lives — the time and knowledge required to obtain a return on their capital. To achieve this mission, Rand is here to make it easier for you, the user, to find financial freedom via DeFi.

Most simply put, Rand is a mobile app that allows you to achieve your financial goals on autopilot through easy-access, gamified DeFi.

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About Acala

Acala is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform optimized for DeFi and scaling DApps to Polkadot. The blockchain has built-in DeFi protocols for application developers to leverage, including a decentralized stablecoin (Acala Dollar — aUSD), a trustless staking derivative (liquid DOT — LDOT), and a decentralized exchange.

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