Rand Network opens Presale Waitlist in partnership with Tokensoft!

We are excited to announce that our Presale Waitlist, in partnership with Tokensoft, is now OPEN!

Tokensoft invented the fair launch in 2021 in response to their desire to help blockchain and DeFi projects better curate and engage with their communities. We are proud to partner with Tokensoft to bootstrap and build on our authentic community of supporters.

Join our PreSale Waitlist to own a share of Rand Network, buy $RND tokens and get early access to the platform.

It’s easy. Simply sign up for the Waitlist HERE to secure your spot…

Why join the Presale?

Our crowdfunding campaign is filling up fast because there is a limited number of RND tokens available for the Presale. Join the Waitlist NOW to secure your discount of up to 30% on RND tokens prior to the public sale later this year.

Those at the top of the Waitlist will receive the biggest discount on their purchase of RND. To get to the top, simply refer your friends and family to join the Waitlist and move up the list.

By owning a share of the network, you will get instant access to the Rand App and can use your tokens in the App, to earn higher vault yields. You will also be able to invite friends and family to sign up for Rand prior to our launch and share your discount with them.

The Presale is first come, first serve. So don’t wait. Sign up today!

Be part of Rand and help us build better.

About Rand

Rand App is a personal finance booster that helps you pay for all your monthly expenses on autopilot. People hate spending money every month on subscriptions. You share multiple subscription accounts with your friends and family, think Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, to save money or because you share an address. These all add up each month and annually represent a big expense that has to be paid for.

You also try to pay for larger expenses but those monthly expenses reduce what you can spend or save. But what if you could earn income to cover these expenses by opening one account together? This is Rand.

By pooling your money with friends or family, you can make your money work harder. Rand Network connects people to produce returns in a way that is safe and also helps you save money rather than spend it.

Simply open an account, create a Private Vault for yourself or with your friends or family, and that’s it. Rand produces yield on your savings covering all your monthly expenses in one place. But Rand also gives you the chance to win big cash prizes by joining Public Vaults where members are selected at random each week to win. If you don’t win, your initial deposit stays put or can be withdrawn whenever suits you. It is that simple.

Because Rand is built on blockchain and earns yield through stable coins, your deposits are secure and we minimize risk against crypto volatility, keeping you investing and earning.

About Tokensoft

Tokensoft is the leading technology platform for companies seeking to launch digital assets on the blockchain, at scale, providing primary issuance and compliance services for the distribution of tokenized assets.

Based in Austin, Texas and launched in 2017, Tokensoft supports Blockchain projects seeking to comply with securities (and other applicable) laws across global jurisdictions. It has grown to support several asset classes on the blockchain, including stablecoins, tokenized assets, SEC-registered tokens and wrapped assets.

To date they’ve launched over 50 customers and their assets, processed over $1.5 billion dollars in transactions and onboarded 150k investors internationally for KYC, across projects such as Tezos, Hashgraph, Synthetix, Avalanche, The Graph, Acala, Moonbeam and many, many more.

In one of their latest partnerships, Polkadot community projects can use Tokensoft to bootstrap a bid on Polkadot Parachain slots, raise funds in $DOT, and distribute digital assets to Polkadot community members.

Tokensoft is excited to continue to support the next batch of innovators in launching their blockchains and DeFi protocols.

Join the presale waitlist here: JOIN NOW



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