Rand App Begins User Testing

We are excited to announce we have started user testing! For now, the Rand team’s family and friends are testing app usability and friendliness. As a global company with remote teams, it has been exciting to see how our ‘Rand-family’ use the App and gets feedback from users.

At Rand, our mission is to forever change and democratize finance for all. Simplicity. Trust. Excitement. These are our values. We want to build great features that provide a fantastic user experience and help our users achieve their goals.

So what did we learn?

Prize accounts have delivered weekly prizes to randomly chosen Rand family users, with some lucky individuals winning every week! We also updated our dashboard design based on Rand’s friends and family feedback. The back-end integrations produced the expected results in terms of interest earned and enabled us to fund prizes and return yield to users.

Our first users helped us identify that we needed to integrate KYC and Fiat partners differently within the app to create a smoother onboarding experience. Building our critical user journey is the most crucial part of our product development process, and the whole team is currently engaged in this journey with our ‘Rand-family’ users.

As Sergi, our CTO, says, the secret sauce has been our user’s onboarding experience. For our Tech team, it has helped us to test features and to make sure that everything works as it was intended to. It also helped us identify areas where we need to work on the user experience to make it smoother and more intuitive, especially within the identity verification flow. We tested live integrations to see how they work with users active in the app, something you cannot create in a testing environment.

What can users expect from Rand App 2.0?

At Rand, we believe there is a better way to build on DeFi and educate users about how to manage their money in a simple and profitable way. Our mission is to create a better user-centric experience that delights and delivers.

We are currently working on building private accounts, debit card integrations in the EU, international transfers, and investment retirement accounts, to name but a few features in the development pipeline. We want to ensure our core values align with our features and users’ experiences.

We’re slotted to launch the app to all users in Q4 — so join the Rand revolution and sign up for our App waitlist today.

About Rand

Rand is not a bank. It’s better. Rand is a simple digital wallet and debit card that reimagines the way you save, spend, send and earn money. Simply open an account, and earn up to 10% interest on the savings you move into your Rand Private Accounts. Or achieve your financial goals faster by moving your savings into Prize Accounts where you can win big every week without risking your money. If you don’t win, your initial investment stays put or can be withdrawn whenever suits you. It is that simple.

Rand Network is a new and exciting project that solves one of the most significant sources of stress for young adults and professionals, how to obtain a return on their capital. Rand was born from the passion and drive of CEO and founder, Pol Martin, to help his peers with the difficult financial circumstances faced by young adults. As a Generation Z, he has witnessed first-hand how some of his closest friends struggle to safely generate passive income or returns on their savings without extensive knowledge of financial instruments or markets. Rand is the result of his desire to offer young adults a chance to complement their financial savings, and to enhance their financial wealth.

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