How To Participate In The Rand Network Token Presale

Step 1:

Connect your Metamask wallet with the TokenSoft Application. Sign in at and confirm your account has finished and passed KYC at

Step 2:

Find the Rand presale event in the tab on the left. Click on it and wait for the sale to begin.

FYI: Each user is assigned a time to participate in the token launch to prevent high gas fees. Watch the timer count down or return to this page when it’s your turn.

Step 3:

Once you’re eligible to participate, review the Purchase Agreement and Check that you have read and agreed to the documents. Then enter your full name to sign.

Step 4 :

Purchase with your choice of ERC20 token. To purchase with USDC, you must first approve the USDC transaction in Metamask. This will require ETH to confirm this transaction. Approve the USDC transaction in Metamask. The button will update to “Purchase” when the transaction is confirmed.

Step 5:

Confirm the transaction in Metamask. Your purchase will show on your TokenSoft Dashboard. FYI, make sure the Rand $RND token is added to your Metamask to view your purchase in your wallet.

For additional support, please message the Tokensoft help desk at



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