In our earlier introduction of project Rand, we explained how the average user can use our platform to start winning money even without prior knowledge or experience with cryptocurrency.

While our mobile gaming app caters to users with possibly zero exposure to crypto, Rand is also issuing our own Rand token to provide extra benefits to Rand supporters holding our token.

What is a Token?

Tokens are a form of digital currency issued on a blockchain, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. There are different token types, one of them being utility token.

A utility token has a wider functionality than a…

Blockchain investor and venture builder The Data Venture partners with decentralized finance (DeFi) project Rand to build a platform for people to play no-loss prize games and win money with their friends.

Spain-based blockchain venture builder The Data Venture joins Rand to provide world-class product and business development expertise to facilitate the launch of the Rand platform, from concept through market release and growth beyond.

The Data Venture is an investor and accelerator company formed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with more than 10 years of experience specializing in deep-tech fields such as decentralization, cryptography and blockchain. Having been…

What if you had the knowledge to harness technology to distribute greater financial value throughout society? To help average people like yourself earn extra income, and become one step closer to financial independence.

That was the motivation that birthed the Rand project, and it crossed our minds when we discovered blockchain decentralized finance (DeFi) tools.

How Rand Came About

Our founder Pol grew up fascinated by how financial systems and stock markets worked. From this passion, he started reading up on traditional investing and traded in his free time. However, he noticed many flaws in the financial system: how slow…

Rand is a network and platform for no-loss prize games. It combines community gaming and blockchain technology to give users a huge upside with minimal downside.

What is Rand about?

We started Rand as a means for the average person to make extra side income to pay the bills. We believe a good way to do so is to gamify the digital asset investing process, by creating a gateway that is simple, reliable, low-risk, and easy to access.

Using a sound money-making process enabled by modern blockchain technology, we simplify as much of the technical and financial aspects as possible…

Rand Network

Rand is a network and platform for no-loss prize games bringing DeFi and Blockchain to the mass market through a very user-friendly interface.

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